Our investors have used this Retirement Plan ฿™ Masterclass to triple the value of their retirement in just one year.

Immerse Yourself In Over 12 Hours Of Advanced FREE Content Designed To Help You Build & Protect Your Wealth Using Bitcoin And The Wider Crypto Markets. 

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LIVE Masterclass #1

November 10th

LIVE Masterclass #1
LIVE Masterclass #2

November 12th

LIVE Masterclass #3

November 15th

LIVE Masterclass #4

November 16th

My best FREE LIVE Masterclass Series will help you Build & Protect Your Wealth using my Retirement Plan ฿™ formula. You’ll discover:

✅ How to decide whether you should Buy or Sell Bitcoin Now!


✅ How to handle the difficult parts of a Bitcoin centered retirement plan like asset protection, tax and inheritance.


✅ The five investment strategies that make up the Retirement Plan ฿ - and how to know which is perfect for you. (These strategies work whether you're a brand new crypto investor or a seasoned pro, and you’ll learn all about them in this “deep dive” training.)


✅ Previous investors video case studies, so you can see how Retirement Plan ฿ works in the “real world” and what has changed since it was first launched.


✅ The "10 protections for your crypto wealth" that every investor will need.


✅ … and that’s just the FREE LIVE Masterclass Series!

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What People Are Saying About Retirement Plan ฿™...


“Good and comprehensive overview of where we're at in crypto in 2021 and how to set up an automatic, risk-managed portfolio strategy for your retirement. Well done Simon and team!”

Francesco Mosconi

“RP฿™ is the most enlightening, mature and wholistic approach to investing in the new digital economy sensibly and tax effectively”

Robin Yalden Philip

“Simon did a great job of methodically building the foundation of the program and leading everyone to where we needed to get to. The pieces are laid out for us and I'm looking forward to implementing an automated hands-off approach to investing in what I believe to be the opportunity of our lifetime.”

Blair Singler

“A lot of time has been spent putting very complex information simply with minimum use of technical jargon, this is no easy feat. The principles are sound and build on top of each other to a logical conclusion. The Q&A sessions were fantastic, most of my own questions were answered in these sessions.”

Steven Charles Damp

“Excellent course! A great opportunity to go through current finances and to set up a comprehensive investment plan based on a deeper understanding of value, risks and strategies. I have spent a lot of time thinking, planning, tinkering with spreadsheets and dreaming, that in itself has made me more aware, more strategic, and wiser.”

Cato Grønnerød

"The RP฿™ course completely exceeded my expectations. I had expected 1-2 hours of weekly content incl. the Q&A. I think it is by far the best value out there. Simon's expertise which he shares so genuinely with his clients has greatly improved my understanding of the entire crypto realm. This is the most comprehensive way of getting your head around all the variables of the crypto space.”


“Excellent Value! The course reviews (and confirms) everything that I have learned over the past 5 years and adds significant additional value. It is a comprehensive and organized approach to investing in the quickly evolving Crypto assets and DeFi world.”

Jim Gragtmans

“I am a Chartered Accountant, business owner and investor. This is the single best and most beneficial course I have ever been on.”

Daniel Mclean

“Excellent - life changing program which has opened my eyes with a real implementation plan!”

Nigel Lloyd Thomas

“I'm so glad I found Retirement Plan฿™. This course taught me so much about the money game that I never thought I would be so excited about investing in my future like I am today. The financial concepts and strategies found inside RP฿™ are priceless.”

Gene Morris

“Just amazing! Well presented, structured and thoughtful course giving exactly the right balance between education and training for the crypto/fintech investor, whether they be a newbie or professional investor. I am sure the Retirement Plan฿™ course will become the definitive go-to resource for crypto/fintech investors worldwide.”

Steven Paul Harbour

Excellent course combining both the critical importance of asset allocation and the expert insight into building a Bitcoin/crypto portfolio.”

John Andrew Kalka

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