Retirement Plan B Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


For your convenience, we share some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with you right here below.


Can I do one or two parts of the Retirement Plan B (RPB) program? 

RPB is an all-or-nothing program. In order to cover and complete all areas of the subject, it will not be possible to break-up the course into separate parts as every module builds on top of the last module. The program has crucial and important structures that require each module to be fully completed to get the best results.


Can USA clients do the RPB program?

Residents in the USA are welcome to join the program. All content is available and relevant to both USA and non-USA residents/citizens. Some third-party services (e.g. a crypto currency exchange) discussed in Retirement Plan B may not be available to certain members of the program as such service may not take on USA customers. Where this is the case, we may discuss alternative solutions that are available to USA residents, but only if such alternative solutions are available. From our experience, most solutions have alternatives.


What are the expected returns on RPB?

Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Where past strategies are mentioned and discussed, they are merely an example to showcase how very high returns have been achieved in the past. Such strategies are mentioned and discussed because Bitcoin has been the highest performing asset class for 10 of the last 12 years.

Please note that this is an educational product and NOT an investment fund, or any type of investment advice. The program is focused on implementing a Retirement Plan B for yourself over a condensed time period.

The program is designed to educate and give you the tools to determine the right level of risk and returns independently and such risks will be based upon your individual risk appetite and the goals you set for yourself when you complete the program.


I’m busy, can I do it later? 

We give you access to everything in a membership portal for up to 24 months. You may complete the program at your preferred time and pace. We believe 24 months access is extremely generous and is enough time for you to complete the program.


Can you give me one-to-one tax / legal / financial advice in my country? 

RPB is an educational program, we are not registered tax, legal or financial advisors and therefore we cannot offer or give specific investment, financial, legal or tax advice. We merely explain structures that may work globally and might be optimised for you to use and take to your own tax, legal and investment advisors in the future that will be more unique to your individual circumstance and situation. We have received standard/general tax advice on the structures from multiple jurisdictions, however, the structure is for educational purposes only and NOT designed for one-to-one tax, legal or financial advice. This is not something we can offer, we therefore strongly advise and recommend that you seek your own independent advisors for personal one-to-one tax, investment and legal matters. 


How much money do I need to implement RPB? 

We recommend a minimum investable amount of US$10,000 or the equivalent in your currency, but the strategy can be implemented no matter how much of your savings you wish to invest. You can also implement the strategy with no savings if you just want to contribute a regular amount each month.

If you have no savings and no regular income, then this is definitely not for you.


What time frame is needed for RPB?  

As with any market, Bitcoin is a high-risk asset class and therefore can go into an extended bear market. We suggest to treat it like any other type of retirement investment product - long term. Perhaps a minimum of 10 years of investing in the Retirement Plan B approach is needed to get past volatility in a reasonable time. This program is generally designed to help clients achieve a more long-term sustainable investment strategy rather than short-term trading - this is the approach we are aiming to help clients fully implement.


Is this relevant in my country? 

We designed the RPB program for global access and we built the program with that in mind. Once the structure is set-up you are able to optimise the strategy for your country with your local relevant advisors. 


Why are you closing on 17th December 2020? 

Christmas is around the corner and we want to know exactly how many clients we will be working with in the new year of 2021. We start delivering the program in the New Year on Monday 4th January 2021 and want to focus all our efforts on delivering a great service for those that successfully enrol. 


Will there be another opportunity? 

We have no plans at this stage to offer the same program again. We may decide to do it again in the future, but it all depends on the successful implementation from our clients that register to join us by this Thursday 17th December 2020, 5 pm GMT. 


Why are you charging $2,997? 

The program has been produced to the highest and most expensive quality possible, with unique and original content. 

A lot has gone into making Retirement Plan B very unique. We hired top experts that are very hard to secure no matter how much you try to pay them, such as Simon Dixon (Creator of Retirement Plan B), Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Pamela Morgan, Adam Vaziri and other top legal, tax and financial advisors to bring together a unique team for the first time ever, as well as animators and graphic designers to make the learning experience enjoyable, informative and the best it can possibly be. 

Simon Dixon has personally invested over 20 years of his life obsessing over investment and the economy, which he will reveal with the support of a team of educational experts who we hired to deliver his knowledge during the 7 week Online Coaching Program to the highest quality. Simon Dixon has personally invested millions of dollars figuring everything out that you will learn in this program and deliver it to you for the first time ever, meaning you don’t have to spend vast amounts of time and money like Simon Dixon did. The course rightfully demands a fee to match such a quality product. 

In order for us to deliver the product effectively and cover expenses, we need to charge the amount you see before you, which we believe is significantly reduced to make it more accessible than the price it should command.

This is the minimum price we need to charge in order to bring to you the quality of service we will be delivering. If we charged less we would have far more clients than we can handle and the quality and standard of service you would expect from us will be greatly reduced for all. 


Where can I get the complete program details? 

We created the most comprehensive page on the Retirement Plan B website that we could put together on the following link:


I have a few questions, who can I speak to?

Reply to this email if it’s not answered on the page above and we will get you an answer but we can't promise it will be answered before enrolment closes.


How do I get started now?

Register on the following page after reviewing all details carefully:

You are able to pay by card or multiple cryptocurrencies.


We already created a comprehensive webpage that covers the most common and Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the best choice possible and determine whether or not the program is right for you. The following link will take you to that webpage:


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